Sunday, March 21, 2010

How do I use Hiski?

Blog Genealogy in Finland contained one set of instructions, this is my version:

In Hiski searches it is usually helpful to
1) Check what is the time period of the data available.
2) Fill in as little as possible and add if there are too many results

Starting from click Search program for history books.

Then scroll down in the alphabetical list to the relevant parish, click the name and then the "Selected" button below.

Next page shows the dates. As per (1) above, look at them before doing anything else. Once you have the impression that you can find something useful, click the document type Christened / Married / Buried

Let's say Christened, to search for birth record. As per (2) you can start with limiting the years to a sensible window. Either one year or a couple if you are less certain. And then put the first name to the Child/first name field. Click submit and review results. If the list is really too long to go through, click "to the search form" and try to come up with additional search criteria that is not too strict.

But commonly you are able to find the right row either by matching the date you have and/or finding the surname used in USA as either father's name or farm name.

The result page is showing all the information that has been included to the Hiski index of history books. Which is not the full extent of Finnish church records.


  1. Your instructions are clear on how to use Hiski, but I am afraid I don't know what Hiski is?

  2. Thanks for your comments. Inspired me to write a new post after a loooong break. So This is HisKi.